boat drink and utility holders boat drink and utility holders
boat drink and utility holders boat drink and utility holders

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Clamp On Outrigger Line Caddy
Cuda's Customs "Rigger Raps" 

boat drink holders and outrigger line caddies for boats

Are you over that annoying winding and unwinding of those outrigger lines? Once again, We've got you covered. With Cuda's Customs Clamp-on multipurpose outrigger raps, in two or three wraps your outrigger line is quickly stowed for travel and future use. In addition, we've also added a stainless eye bolt to each line holder for trolling purposes. This awesome idea gives you additional eye bolts, two on each outrigger to run a teaser bait setup through or even an additional outrigger line and clip system. This provides you with another bait or teaser between your original outside outrigger clip and your boat. Stellar idea...huh!! Like all our products they are made of durable UV protected marine starboard and mounted with stainless steel screws.

boat drink holders and outrigger line caddies for boats


please specify pipe size

Rigger Raps

The multipurpose clamp-on combo outrigger line caddy w/teaser line setup.
  A pack of 4, 2 for each outrigger.
Available in 1 1/4 inch & 1 1/2 inch outside diameter
Click here for printable ruler.

You can use calipers or a tape measure to get the outside diameter (OD), use a flexible tailors ruler to measure your pipes circumference, or you can print out our custom ruler and wrap it around the pipe you will be mounting your drink holder on.
L 2 3/4 inches x 2 3/8 inches 
Pipe size chart.


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Shipping Notice: Because all of our marine holders are custom made, normally your order will ship within 48 hours.
However on rare occasion some products may take 3-4 days before orders are shipped. Thank you for understanding.
Please double check your measurements for your clamp-on drink holders. We want to be sure you order the correct size for a nice snug fit. We don't want y'all to have to pay all that extra shipping to get it to us and back to you again.
Please print the ruler or call us if you need assistance, 866-730-1524.
Thank you. Tight Lines!!!

All Holders are Invented, Custom Made, and Manufactured, by us Cuda's Customs, Right Here in the USA.

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